Mix It Up & Join The Fundraising Revolution

Leave the old school fundraising programs behind and evolve

There's finally a choice

Forget the low quality product sales and profit-draining fun runs - you don't need them anymore!

Technology has leveled the playing field and has given you a better and more efficient way to fundraise.

Old school way

The Difference You Make: Cookie dough, gift wrap paper, etc.

Who Can Participate: Those with the ability to raise money

Percent Typical Fundraising Company Keeps: 50% or more

Efficiency Rating: C - F*

Raise Craze way

The Difference You Make: Change lives by serving others

Who Can Participate: Everyone! Kindness is free

Percent Raise Craze Keeps: 10% or less

Efficiency Rating: A*

*Efficiency Rating referenced from charitywatch.org

Getting Started With Raise Craze

All it takes is 3 easy steps

1. Pick Your
Acts of Kindness

2. Promote! Promote! Promote!

3. Motivate
Your Students