Getting Started with Raise Craze

just 3 little to-do's

Raise Craze is easy to customize for organizations of all size.  You don't need a huge committee or an army of volunteers.  We provide you with all of tools you need to be successful.  Follow our 3 simple to-dos to get started, and let us take it from there.

All the convenience of an outsourced fundraiser without the hefty expense!  

What could be better?

1. Pick your
Acts of kindness

Within your account, you will be able to download our list of suggested acts of kindness, but let's figure out what makes your school tick. Is there an organization close to your school's heart or a local need that's known school-wide? Take our list and run with it or add a few that will resonate with your participants!

2. Choose your communication method

At Raise Craze, we are all about giving you something to start with, so we provide templates upon templates - you just need to figure out the avenue. Email? Handouts? Within your account, download our various messages to blast out to parents and students. Copy and paste or edit to your heart's content!

3. motivate
Your Students

What gets your students motivated? While incentives aren't required, we understand that they can be real motivators! Download our Incentive Ideas to spark a plan on how you can reward your students. We recommend rewarding for completed Acts of Kindness because everyone can spread kindness!

Throw Out The Old Notebook. It's All Here!

The Raise craze roadmap

Once you set up your account, enjoy the ease of a Raise Craze fundraiser! You'll have access to your custom Roadmap which will provide you with everything you need before, during, and after your fundraiser. This interactive checklist provides you with tools, templates, and more!


personalized websites & Emails - in just 3 clicks!

Participants register, pick their acts of kindness, and enter email addresses.
We'll take it from there - donors will be thrilled to see what lands in their inbox!

We've Got You Covered

Any PTA - big or small - can be successful WITH Raise Craze

Check out some of our features below

  • Customizable fundraiser communications

  • Interactive Roadmap to guide you

  • Secure payment processing with Stripe

  • Accounting completed for you

  • Unlimited phone & email support

  • Absolutely NO selling

  • Custom donation website for each participant

  • Donor emails, reminders and thank yous

  • Dashboard to monitor progress and more

  • Participant Acts of Kindness tracker