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Our goal is to keep things as simple and as efficient as possible which includes our pricing.

Yeah, you heard us right! With us, keep 90% compared to the industry average of 50%.

We promise, your parents and donors will be thrilled!

Raise Craze: Fundraising Through Kindness

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Earn More. Keep More. Spread Kindness.


You Can Do It Too!

You're in great company

Discover how other schools and teams, just like you, made the switch to something more meaningful and more profitable.

Augusta Circle Elementary
Net Earnings: $56,800
Acts of Kindness: 3,923

League Academy Middle School
Net Earnings: $20,920
Acts of Kindness: 2,270

Dutch Fork High School Lacrosse
Net Earnings: $10,940
Acts of Kindness: 87

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any upfront expenses?

Not at all! You can set up your no-obligation fundraiser anytime. Feel free to dive in and explore our platform. You will only be charged once you receive your first donation.

What do you mean by at least 90%?

At Raise Craze, we want to do everything in our power to maximize YOUR profits! Once your fundraiser ends, we will apply our fee - $1 for each donation under $25 and $5 for each donation over $25 with an overall fee cap of 10%. You will receive the greater of the two. Just another way to keep more money in your hands :)

Are there any credit card fees?

Great question! We use Stripe™, one of the global leaders in secure credit card processing. Most organizations choose to pass their fee on to donors for a flat $1.50 surcharge per donation.

Prefer to absorb it yourself? No problem! The current rate is $0.30 per transaction plus 2.9% of the donation amount. This fee is in addition to the Raise Craze fees.

Rest assured, this fee will NOT be applied to cash and check donations.

can you accept cash and check?

Absolutely! We even make it super easy for you to keep track of those payment methods. Inform your group of who to make checks payable to and where to send it.  You can then add cash and check payments via your organizer's dashboard. 

how soon will i receive my money?

Very quickly! Once your fundraiser ends, we will issue a final statement showing the amount due, net of fees. Once you approve, we will issue a check. The short answer? Within 5 days. 

i'm not a fan of accounting, will you help me with that?

We totally understand - accounting is not fun. Luckily, we've made it super simple for you to keep track of all donations. Within your organizer's dashboard, you will find a list of all donations. If donors want to submit cash or check, you can easily record it there as well. Throw out your unwanted spreadsheets, we've got you covered!