Frequently Asked Questions

i lost my access code and cannot login. what do i do? 

No worries! You can reach out to us here to request login information. Also, if you're using a phone or tablet, make sure auto-correct is turned off. 

how many emails do you send to each supporter that i enter? 

We will send up to three personalized emails. The first one will inform supporters of your fundraiser and will go out the minute you press "send email". The second will go out halfway through, reminding them to donate. The final will go out toward the end of your fundraiser as a "last chance to give". Every supporter who donates will also receive a "thank you" email. Each supporter has the option to unsubscribe, in which case they will not receive any additional emails. 

Can i create my own acts of kindness? 

Absolutely! During set up, you can add your own acts of kindness at the bottom of the suggested acts of kindness list. After set up, just login and click the "Edit" tab to add more.

what is my personal website donation link? 

Your personal website donation link is the place that your supporters will be directed to make a donation. Each participant in the fundraiser has their own personal fundraising page. Supporters will see your picture (if you uploaded one!), a description of your fundraiser as well as your selections for How You are Giving Back. Your link can be found on the top of your Dashboard. Text it to friends and share it on social media!

who receives replies to emails sent from the raise craze system?

You do! Responses will will go directly back to you at the email address you used to set up your account. We don't want you to miss any important messages!

are there any browser requirements? 

We recommend Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.