Why Choose Raise Craze?

Raise Craze was founded by parents looking for an alternative to the traditional school & team fundraiser. Something different from the fundraiser that uses high pressure tactics on participants & keeps a majority of the amount raised. How could we turn the dreaded fundraiser into a force for positive change? By spreading KINDNESS! 

Discover how our unique, meaningful, turnkey program wins out among the rest while allowing schools, teams and groups to keep 90% PLUS!


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*Rating system developed using charitywatch.org metrics

Raise Craze...

  • Allows you to keep 90% PLUS of the proceeds

  • Provides a turn key program with real-time tracking

  • Eliminates pressure from selling products & discount cards

  • Uses less classroom time & staff involvement 

  • Brings joy to your entire school, team, or group!

Great for elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, teams, and groups! Works wonderfully district-wide as well!