Product Sales & Discount Card Fundraisers

Traditional Programs:  ABC Fundraising, Discount Cards,Yankee Candle Fundraiser, World’s Finest Chocolate, Otis Spunkmeyer, Savory Foods, The Goodies Factory, Cookie Dough Fundraisers, Gift Wrapping Fundraisers

Donors give because they want to support the child, not the fundraising company. Friends and family are tired of the pressure to buy cookies, candles and other products that they don't really want or need. They want to help support your school, team, or group! In addition, donors want to make sure a majority of the donation goes to the cause - NOT the fundraising company. 


Donors are delighted to learn that Raise Craze participants give back by performing acts of kindness for others. Not to mention, the pressure to sell things is eliminated! Instead, Raise Craze fosters a meaningful experience that encourages students and players to express gratitude by paying it forward. To top it off, at least 90% is going to your school, team or group. Now that’s cause for celebration!

*Rating system developed using    metrics

*Rating system developed using metrics