Unique Fundraising That Gives Back

Far from your traditional fundraiser

Raise Craze is an online platform enabling students to set up secure, custom websites where they request donations via email.
During the fundraiser, students go out and pay it forward by completing Acts of Kindness for others. Spend time serving not selling!

Aligns With Your Values

We support the goals of your organization by encouraging participants to live a life full of compassion, empathy and gratitude and to give back to others!

Everyone Can Participate

Regardless of ability to raise money, our inclusive approach allows everyone to participate because EVERYONE CAN SPREAD KINDNESS!

Financially Responsible

Our donation-based model allows organizations to earn more through inspired giving. Oh and the best part?
You'll keep 90%!

A Fundraiser You Can Be Proud Of

what does your fundraiser leave behind?

Created for schools, teams, & groups

A New & Meaningful Way To Fundraise

with kindness at the core

the old school way

The Difference You Make
Cookie dough, gift wrap paper, discount cards, etc.

Who Can Participate
Those with the ability to raise money

% Typical Fundraising Company Keeps
50% or more

Efficiency Rating
C - F*

the Raise Craze way

The Difference You Make
Change lives by serving others

Who Can Participate
Everyone! Kindness is free

% Raise Craze Keeps
10% or less

Efficiency Rating

*Efficiency Rating referenced from charitywatch.org

Inspired Giving, Powered By Raise Craze

Any group - big or small - can be successful With Raise Craze

  • Absolutely NO Selling
  • No Pledges - Only Donations
  • No Contracts or Upfront Costs
  • Complete Planning Suite
  • Complete Promotional Package
  • Donation Websites for Each Participant
  • Donor Emails, Reminders & Thank You's
  • Track Donations in Real Time
  • Withdraw Funds at Any Time
  • Secure Payment Processing With WePay™

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Augusta circle Elementary school

"Raise Craze is the next BIG thing. The kindness movement is real and has continued well after our fundraiser ended."

-Kristin B., Fundraising Chair


League academy of communication arts

"Fundraising is a necessity for schools, and this is the best thing out there where the students, parents, schools, and community all benefit from working together!"

- Karen W., PTA President

Woodland Elementary School .png

Dutch Fork High School Lacrosse

"Raise Craze has been a wonderful way for our lacrosse team to raise money and give back to our community at the same time. Also, the Raise Craze website makes it very easy for our kids to use."

-Scott B., Parent of Participant