Who's Writing This Thing?

Hi, everyone! Claire here from Raise Craze HQ in Greenville, SC! I just wanted to take a brief moment to introduce myself and fill you in on the information offered on the Raise Craze blog. I handle the communication side of things - that's right, I LOVE talking about kindness and what makes our company's heart beat. In addition to my work at Raise Craze, I live in Greenville with my husband, J (yes, his name is just the letter "J"). I studied at the College of Charleston, lived in DC for a few years after graduating, and am now back in Greenville with a passion for watching kids learn by serving others.

This is a place where we will share stories of success, highlight different organizations and schools, and offer ways that you can help the kindness movement spread even further. We're happy you are here! Join us as we work to change the way of fundraising by putting kindness back into our culture. Let's do this thing!