Your Free Gratitude Printable

Let’s Celebrate Gratitude!

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In celebration of World Kindness Day, we wanted to give you a fun Gratitude Printable! This printable contains Acts of Kindness that you can do throughout November (and the rest of the year) to celebrate gratitude with your kids, students or players!

Best part? These were all Acts of Kindness that were completed throughout the fall during different Raise Craze fundraisers. How cool is that?! So go on, take note from these kind folks and spread gratitude throughout your community.

  1. Donating your Halloween candy to deployed troops through Operation Gratitude (Roosevelt Elementary, MI)

  2. Making a fun little thank you kit to hand out to your bus driver (Madison’s Trust Elementary, VA)

  3. Leaving a thank you note for your mail carrier & trash collector (A lot of our schools! One of our favorites - so simple, yet so impactful!)

  4. Reminding a friend of 3 reasons why you like them and enjoy being their friend (Holy Souls School, AR)

  5. Helping your parents by setting the table for dinner (Tennessee Rumble Baseball
    Team, TN)

  6. Leaving love notes to your family around the house (Baker Elementary, TX)

  7. Making paper flowers to give to your local senior center (Ketterlinus Elementary, FL)

  8. Sharing a book with a friend or another student in class (Scintilla Charter Academy, GA)

  9. Donating lunches to Uncle Pete’s Sack Lunches or your local homeless shelter (Franklin Elementary, IL)

  10. Volunteering at an animal shelter (Herrick Middle School, IL)

  11. Telling your principal how great your teacher is (Canton Intermediate School, CT)

  12. Volunteering at a local community event (Deering High School Boys Soccer, ME)

  13. Collecting canned goods for Helpline House or your local food pantry (Ordway
    Elementary, WA)

  14. Donating coffee to “Coffee for Cops” or to your local law enforcement offices (Rucker Elementary, TX)

  15. Writing a letter to a soldier in the Wounded Warrior program, thanking them for their service (Augusta Circle Elementary, SC)