The 3 Things Our Most Successful Fundraisers Do!

Want to get the most out of your fall fundraiser? We don't blame you! Here are the top 3 factors that distinguish the best from the rest. Trust us, you can do this too!

  • Plan Early - Hold 2-3 low-key planning meetings over the summer. This gets your group on the same page so they're not overwhelmed when schools starts. Follow our helpful planning tools to make sure everything is covered! :-)

  • Launch Early - Launch your fundraiser in September/October when everyone is fresh and excited to be back! Your fundraiser is more likely to get lost in the holiday shuffle if you wait until November & December.

  • Go BIG! - Communicate to parents and faculty that this is the biggest fundraiser of the year and that, if you reach your goal, you won't need to do additional fundraising. Hooray!