Tips for Fundraising Success!

At Raise Craze, we want to do everything in our power to set you up to thrive. While we think Raise Craze is the easiest and most meaningful way to fundraise, we want you to be successful no matter which avenue you choose. Let these 5 tips lead you down the path of success.

Less is More

Limit your fundraiser to 2-3 weeks - we promise, less is more! The excitement factor fizzles when you drag out a fundraiser for too long.

Own the One-and-Done Approach

Just like having one fundraiser last a long time, donors and participants become restless when you execute a bunch of fundraisers in a given time period. Have your team do one big push and knock out fundraising for the year - trust us, your parents will greatly appreciate it.

Reach for the Stars

Unite your school, team, or group and set some goals! Ensure 100% participation, set a monetary goal, and expand your reach. By working together to accomplish these goals, you are able to build bonds within your organization and your community.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Keep your participants, parents, and staff informed! With everyone in the loop, you're sure to pull off an amazing event.

Share the love...

...on social media, of course. People love hearing about others helping fund something they're proud of so let them know about it! Not only does it make you fell good, it shows how strong your organization is.

You're all set!
Now get out there and help fund your organization!