Let the Roadmap Put You On the Path to Fundraising Success!

At Raise Craze, we are constantly innovating to make fundraising more efficient and more meaningful. While kindness is at the heart of our fundraiser, we also want be kind to all you fundraiser organizers out there by making the process a seamless one. So without further ado, let us introduce you to the Raise Craze Roadmap!

Once you create your account, you will discover the magic of the Roadmap. No need to keep that tattered notebook that's passed down from year to year - the Roadmap has everything you'll need. From communication templates and custom handouts to a checklist that guides you through each stage of your fundraiser - we've thought of it all. So sit back and relax as you enjoy your journey to fundraising success!

Preview What's Inside:


In addition, the Road Map contains suggested acts of kindness lists, incentive ideas, instructions handouts, parent communication templates, and more!

Check out the Roadmap in action by creating your account below! If you're excited to learn more about how you can keep more with kindness, please join us here.