Teaching Kids the Value of Gratitude

Along with kindness, gratitude is another strong component of a Raise Craze fundraiser. And why not use the month of November to highlight that? When participants are asking their friends and family for donations, we think that those donors should be thanked and celebrated. That's why, in a Raise Craze fundraiser, participants show appreciation for their gift by going out and paying it forward by serving others!

Check out the links below to discover different ways you can teach your kids the value of gratitude even outside of a Raise Craze fundraiser. We've scoured the internet and these are some of our favorites!

Fall Acts of Kindness for All Ages This site offers 39 "fall themed" acts of kindness for your family to enjoy. There's even a cute printable to download and share!

The Best Way to Teach Kids Gratitude The blog offers an idea of a "Do Good Day" once a month. It's easy for families to implement and fun to see how it impacts kids.

Gratitude Journal Prompts for the Whole Year We love the idea of a gratitude journal! It's a great way to get kids thinking! These prompts are designed for kids 5-12 and are great for journaling or just to get a conversation going.

Busy Hands: Wheel of Thankfulness This is a great craft to get your kids thinking about what they are thankful for. All you need is a sheet of paper, glue, pens, scissors, and a magazine! So easy and fun!

Gratitude Books for Kids that Inspire Thankfulness Need to spice up your child's book collection? Choose a few of these! They are sure to entertain while communicating such a positive message.