New Year, New Intentions

Forget resolutions, let's talk about living intentionally! Let's make this year the most meaningful yet by transitioning our focus to something we can all get behind: spreading kindness. This shift doesn't have to be difficult - in fact, we've made it easy! We want to help you bring kindness to your family, school, team, AND group. Check out the ways in which you can incorporate kindness into the conversation and make it a part of your everyday life. Oh, and if you're sick of giving up a huge chunk of your fundraising profits by selling products or running laps, we're happy to help you transition there as well ;)

Ways to Start the New Year Off Right

  • Have your kids write down 3-5 ways in which they want to help others this year
  • Plan a "Do Good Day" once a month where you go and serve somewhere together
  • Create a gratitude journal that documents ways in which you and your kids are thankful
  • Write down 5 nice things about a sibling/peer/teammate and have them read them to each other
  • Make space for a Magic Mail Center in your house or classroom - learn more about this simple but POWERFUL idea on Doing Good Together
  • Create a kindness calendar that has a little idea each day - check it off once it's completed!
  • Switch your fundraising efforts to something more meaningful like Raise Craze! To learn more about making the easy switch, click here!