Keeping Kindness Going - ALL SUMMER LONG.

Happy Summer to all of our Raise Craze families! It's that time of year again where school is out and parents are left working to fill the days with fun memories. Just like everything else, we want to make things easy. We want to make sure that planning your daily activities isn't a chore but a joy - something to get excited about! This is where our partners come in...

Our friends at Pennies of Time are hosting a Virtual Kindness Summer Camp! It's so awesome and life giving to not only your kids but your family as well!  You can participate from literally anywhere - even on vacation ;) This 5 week experience will include act of kindness ideas, books, object lessons, games, kindness posters – all family friendly!  Don't delay - right now, the price of the camp is discounted for Raise Craze families!

Check Out These Other Fun Ideas to Make This Summer One for the Books!

Make a Kindness Kit from Pennies of Time (Great for “on the go” acts of kindness to do on vacation!)

The Kindness Game from the Inquisitive Mom

110 Summer Acts of Kindness for Kids from The Mad House