5 Ways to Motivate Students During Your Fundraiser

Want to give your fundraiser an extra boost? We've got you covered!

We’ll break down 5 tips to help motivate your students while helping your school EXCEED the fundraising goal!

1. Take Advantage of Every Channel

Communication is KEY to a successful fundraiser! Our top performing schools make sure they utilize each channel they are given including email, social media, morning announcements, and so on. Be sure to communicate your goal upfront and rally the school around reaching that goal. It really helps to communicate what the proceeds will be used for as well.

In addition to the financial portion, families love seeing how their school is making an impact. Be sure to share the unique ways that students are spreading kindness on social media (don't forget your school's custom hashtag!) - easy AND moving! The local news loves it too :)

With a Raise Craze fundraiser, organizers are given email & social media templates to distribute out to parents and teachers. We also provide morning announcement scripts for students to read a few times a week.

2. Engage Your Teachers

We know teachers already have a lot on their plates but getting them involved doesn’t have to be a chore. While incentives work for students, incentives also work for teachers - and let’s be honest, they deserve some prizes!

Here’s a quick example: The teacher, whose class earns the most, will win recess coverage for a week!  We provide tracking :)

Or our favorite: The teacher, whose class completes the most acts of kindness, will earn a $100 to spend on their classroom! We provide tracking :)

Prizes don’t have to be monetary. They can range from gift cards to lunch coverage - you’ll know what will get your teachers pumped.

With a Raise Craze fundraiser, organizers are offered a Teacher Letter that introduces Raise Craze and suggests ways for them to incorporate kindness into their lesson plans. We also provide teacher email templates with a Leaderboard Link so teachers can keep track of whose class is on top!

3. Make Kindness A Social Event

This idea works for ALL students, especially the older ones - think middle school and high school. Group Acts of Kindness can be held during school or before and after. We’ve seen some pretty creative ways that students have served together, and it’s not only impactful - it’s fun!

Ideas include cleaning up the school grounds or a local park, serving at a local Children’s Home, making placemats for Meals on Wheels, making cards for the local hospital or nursing home, etc. You know what causes are close to your school’s heart, so rally around those!

4. Hold A Weekend Challenge!

A Weekend Challenge is a great way for schools to get an extra boost, and it can literally be for anything: registration, donations, emails entered, or acts of kindness! We recommend communicating it on Thursday and Friday at school,  and over the weekend via social media or email.

Here’s an example of a great Weekend Challenge: The class who can bring in the most donations by Monday morning will earn extra recess and a pizza party!

How fun is that?!

5. Bring in the Role Models

We all know how powerful it can be when a older student shows interest in a younger student. It’s almost like a celebrity walking into the room! If possible, reach out to your local high school sports teams to see if the athletes can make an appearance.

One of our top schools had different high school teams show up each morning while the students were getting dropped off. The athletes held up signs about kindness while they escorted the students into school. Leading by example is so effective!

We hope these ideas help! If you need additional ideas, reach out to us at support@raisecraze.com. We’re happy to help you brainstorm :)