Serving Locally, Acting Globally

We are excited to share this unique fundraiser with you! One of our Raise Craze schools, Five Oaks Academy, has partnered with Wells of Love, an awesome organization that brings clean water to the Azawak Valley of West Africa. For the 2nd year in a row, Five Oaks has raised Money for Wells of Love while paying it forward in their local community. This fundraiser truly fulfills the idea of "serving locally, acting globally." Many schools across the country opt out of raising money for the school and in turn, raise money for a non-profit. By partnering with Raise Craze, schools can make their impact even greater by:

  • Enabling 100% participation (everyone can do acts of kindness!)
  • Increasing the school's over all reach
  • Taking the hassle out of fundraising by allowing us to do most of the work for you through donor communications, accounting, and participant tracking

Five Oaks Academy has nearly doubled the amount raised versus their prior fundraiser donations, completed 188 acts of kindness this year alone, and has impacted not only their local community but the global community as well. We're honored to be a part of something so significant.

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