League Academy:
Fundraising for Middle Schools

Making the transition from elementary school to middle school can be tough! Fundraising is no exception. With parents less involved and social dynamics changing, many schools throw up their hands. League Academy was determined to create a meaningful experience for their students, while making their fundraising efforts pay off.

The old way - too much work for too little money

Like many middle schools, League's previous fundraising efforts consisted of raffles, magazine sales and product sales. These efforts generated very little money for the school, yet created mountains of work for their PTSA. Participation was low and everyone dreaded the "fundraiser of the month" approach.

the raise craze way

After making the switch to Raise Craze, League could consolidate its fundraising efforts into one major push. League was blown away with the numbers they achieved and the ease of our process.

In addition to its phenomenal financial success, the entire school rallied around causes close to the hearts of the students. Among these causes, students were given the opportunity to donate their hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, an organization that provides wigs to women fighting cancer. The students also collected donations for a local after-school program that serves underprivileged children.

the raise craze impact

The excitement felt by the students made the entire community light up. One student was featured on a local news program where she spoke about the ways she and her fellow students were paying it forward! Talk about changing the culture! All in all, League Academy raised $13,000 their first year and $26,000 their second year. More importantly, they completed over 2,000 acts of kindness in their second year alone!

the takeaways

  • Middle schools can raise money
  • Middle school students will participate
  • You don't need cheap products
  • You can raise money while inspiring your students and your community

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