Knock Out Fundraising Before Your Season Starts

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As a coach, we totally understand the desire to spend more time on the field and less time hounding your players to sell stuff.
With Raise Craze, you have the ability to knock out fundraising in no time, spread kindness, and exceed your fundraising goals!

Stop running multiple fundraisers throughout the season.
Do 1 and be done! Oh yeah...and keep 90%+

How's that for a change?




At Raise Craze, our goal is to keep things as simple and as efficient as possible which includes our pricing.

Yeah, you heard us right! With us, keep 90% compared to the industry average of 50%.

We promise, your parents and donors will be thrilled!

With Raise Craze

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Earn More. Keep More. Spread Kindness.


You're In Great Company

Join the other schools, teams, and groups who have made the switch to Raise Craze!

Augusta Circle Elementary
Acts of Kindness: 3,923

Net Earnings: $56,800
This school of 500 made the switch from Boosterthon, a popular fun run, and more than doubled their net earnings! They have a great story to share.

League Academy (Middle School)
Acts of Kindness: 2,270
Net Earnings: $20,920
Fundraising for middle schools is tough work! This one pulled it off with ease and success. They previously sold products
and held raffles.

Dutch Fork High School Lacrosse
Acts of Kindness: 87
Net Earnings: $10,940
This high school lacrosse program raised more than they ever have and spent the day serving together at a local
children's home.

Cross The Finish Line With Ease

We want to make this as easy as possible - that's why, with us, all you need to do is pick where your
team will serve together & set the amount that each player needs to raise. Leave the rest to us!

choose where your
team will serve

set your per
player goal

Let Raise Craze
take care of the rest!